HI-SCAN 5030si is the consequent advance-ment of HI-SCAN 5030, with more than 3000 installations worldwide an extremely suc-cessful compact X-ray inspection system. Planned in modular design as a tabletop system, HI-SCAN 5030si is flexibly extensible and therefore is fit for different applications.

Feature Highlights

HI-MAT Plus advanced material classification

Compact desktop solution for mobile and stationary applications

New X-ray generator plus new sensor technology for high performance


HI-TIP: Threat Image Projection

Xtrain: Operator training system

IMS: Electronic image storage and archive including copy function

of images in TIF or JPG format to USB storage device

Due to state-of-the-art X-ray, sensor and computer technologies this system offers functionalities, which used to be known from complex solutions for aviation security purposes only. HI-SCAN 5030si permits configurations with operator training, TIP- and image manage-ment functionalities.


Being one of the most space-saving X-ray in-spection systems available, HI-SCAN 5030si is ideal for use in mailrooms, entrance halls, correctional and judicial facilites, schools and many other security sensitive areas, where contact-free inspection of pouches, bags, letters or packages is required.HI-SCAN 5030si - increased security by advanced technology

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