Compact, Elegant, Robust & Ergonomic

NIJ Standard 0602.02 Compliant


Uniform Detection of Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Targets

Full Digital Design: Consistent Performance and Calibration-Free Operations

The PD140Nis a Hand Held Metal Detector that combines high reliability and ergonomics with advanced detection and operator signaling features. Effective sensitivity to all metals, full compliance with the latest Security Standards and high immunity to external metal masses are among the main peculiarities of this new device. The PD140N features a special ergonomic design consisting of an offset hand grip which ensures that the operator’s hand does not interfere with the sensitive detection area. This means fewer scans per person and therefore shorter inspection times per person.

The technical features of the detector comply with the NIJ standard 0602.02 and the new NIJ draft standard 0602.03. The PD140N has uniform sensitivity to mag-netic and non-magnetic targets including those made of stainless steel. At the same time the detector offers excellent body-effect compensation and has high immunity to external disturbance from electromagnetic and mechanical sources.

The PD140N is fully digital. Electronic functions include a inspection field transmitter-receiver based on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, a digital operator interface and external communications over the incorporated USB port. This design combined with a special printed antenna ensures top reliability and very high repeatability.

Feature Highlights

Programmable Sensitivity

Automatic Low Power Mode during Screening Pauses

Extended Continuous Operation Time

Embedded Fast and Reliable Battery Charger: no need of batteries removal