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Magneto Static Detector (MSD)


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A highly portable Cell Phone, Weapon and Contraband Detector. The illegal use of cell phones is a growing and dangerous problem in correctional institutions worldwide. These devices are a significant threat to prison security and circumvent the monitoring processes in prisons, while helping inmates commit new crimes both inside and outside the facility. CEIA MSD was specifi cally designed to detect all cell phones and other contraband concealed on the personor in body cavities (including key fob cell phones, smart phones, radio transceivers, etc.) quickly and easily.

Feature Highlights

Detection of all cell phones and other contraband concealed on the person or in body cavities (including keyfob cell phones) with or without batteries

Multi-Zone targeting indication identifies location of contraband on the body

Covert operation through use of Bluetooth headset (included)

Fully Weather Proof For Outside Use

26 Hours Continuous Use on Embedded Battery Operations

Unmatched Detection in All Environments

Extremely Durable Design

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Pass Through Operation

Pass By


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