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Welcome to VB Secure Access. We take pride in delivering a comprehensive range of security solutions to commercial, hospitality sectors.

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Empowering Your Security

Today`s security sector and the ever-stricter regulations relating to Metal Detectors for inspecting people in transit require equipment with the highest operational and functional performance. With over 10 years of experience of supplying the best Metal Detectors, we at VB Secure Access has been delivering a series of devices with superior sensitivity and throughput. In high-sensitivity applications, high end products delivered by VB Secure Access can detect small metallic objects, such as a single razor blade while still providing optimal immunity to environmental interference.

For high flow-rate applications, we offer Walk-Through Metal Detectors with extremely high discrimination of personal metal objects to minimize the incidence of nuisance alarms.


Welcome To The World Of Metal Detection

Why Us?

Our company is more than just another retailer for security solutions. Apart from selling only top quality products, our aim to provide excellent pre & post sales experience to our customers.

One of the leading global brands, VB Secure Access has enormous and varied product-range which covers wide applications across the security-spectrum. Products distributed, installed and fashioned by VB Secure Access match the desire measures of excellence each product delivered by us spells quality, suitability and reliability. The team at VB Secure Access have years of experience and field test every detector and accessory to make sure they meet rigorous performance standards. We are committed to selling only the equipment that passes on the best value to you – our customers.

In addition to your factory warranty, our team of trained metal detector experts are here to answer all your questions, including: How to assemble your detector / How to use your detector / Answers to technical questions / Troubleshooting support.


Metal Detection Devices delivered by VB Secure Access offer detection, construction quality and reliability characteristics that makes them the most suitable and effective solution for various industries.


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Our experience with VB Secures Access has been very pleasant from the beginning. From dealing with sales representative to the end of installation process, everything with them was very professional, organized and smooth. Having the system installed by them at our property gives us a better sense of protection.

Mr. Kushal Kalra